About the Library

The attached PDF gives detailed information about the Library for Cradle to Cradle inspired elements for building developments, including examples of Cradle to Cradle inspired elements:

Library for Cradle to Cradle Inspired Elements

Application guide

If you are interested in applying Cradle to Cradle inspired elements in buildings, please check out the application process or use the application form. The application form can also be downloaded here.

The Cradle to Cradle inspired elements and delights must be listed and described in detail in the application form. Additional documents, such as pictures, material passports or any supplementary information can be submitted subsequently via email or shared through secure file hosting services.

Application Form Cradle to Cradle Library

Communication guideline

Please read the guide available here to apply it to the external communication of your application. Under certain circumstances, inadequate communication can jeopardise the legitimacy of the Library and thus of the projects featured here.

Information and Communication Guide for the Cradle to Cradle Library


Help and Contact

If you have any questions or remarks, please send an email to

The office building is in Shenzhen city

How long the application process takes depends on multiple factors and a precise indication is not possible. The scope and quality of the submitted documents play a role, so do the situational capacities of the HUI.

The Library does not provide extensive consultation for the planning and building of projects. However, we are happy to answer your questions, so feel free to contact us! For further information and inspiration you can find documents in the Support section and you can view the projects presented here.

No, it is not. The Library is a complementary step beyond certifications and must be communicated accordingly. A more detailed guide for the communication can be found above.

There is no minimum number of required elements. The most important thing is a genuine devotion to the Cradle to Cradle design principles and the ability of your project to inspire others.