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The Library
Cradle to Cradle inspired elements for building developments


The collection of Cradle to Cradle inspired projects


“The Library is a celebration of the big beneficial footprint of building developments. I hope you enjoy the wonderful examples being introduced in this Library and I encourage everybody to send their best achievements. There is great diversity among buildings globally, so it is unfair to rank them against each other. Instead of ranking, our aim is to accelerate the number of actively beneficial structures by celebrating the outstanding C2C inspired elements.”Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart

The success of Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) has sparked demands in the marketplace for an affordable, convenient, quality-assured mechanism to celebrate and validate C2C inspired elements in buildings. These elements go beyond green or sustainability to add value for stakeholders. Green building certification are important, but tend to focus on minimizing negative impacts, rather than supporting beneficial footprints that add value. Due to costs of those processes only a few thousand out of millions of new buildings were awarded green or sustainable certifications over the past decades. A newer mechanism, such as the ‘living buildings challenge’ borrow from Cradle to Cradle® and are directed more at beneficial aspects, but still require a certification process. The Library is a complementary step beyond those approaches to let many stakeholders in buildings celebrate the added value of a big beneficial footprint.