Short Description

The Ampère e+ building is the new headquarters of Société Générale’s SOGEPROM, located in the heart of the business district of La Défense. The building, built in the 80s, has currently undergone a major and ambitious renovation after it was completely laid bare to maintain only the structure. It is from this basic structure that the architecture agency “Atelier 2/3/4” redefined not only the envelope of the building, but the concept in order to fit into a vision of current concerns. Ampère e+ is innovative, and fits perfectly into a dynamic of an urban context with ecological ambitions.


The project transformed the former Ampère building into 14,200 m² of connected offices with 1,200 m² of average surface area over 9 floors and external spaces at each level, accommodating a workforce of 1,299 people. It integrates many services for future users, starting with a car park of 200 places, 30 of them for electric vehicles on two levels of basement, a company restaurant, a cafeteria opened onto a landscaped garden, accessible terraces, a concierge, an accessible rooftop, etc.

A place for environmental innovation

The Ampère project will be a source of inspiration for all the stakeholders involved in the transformation of the business district of La Défense, a neighborhood that is constantly being redeveloped. SOGEPROM wanted to make it a showcase of its property policy by proposing technical innovations in energy and developing solutions for the well-being of its employees. 

Intended Use

Office building with meeting rooms, a restaurant, shared spaces and outdoor spaces


Project Architect(s):

Atelier 2/3/4

Project Developer(s):

Sogeprom Entreprises

Project Advisor: Lateral Thinking Factory Consulting (LTFc)





Project Engineer(s) & Contractor(s):

Facade: Arcora
Structure: Scyna 4
Environment Consultant: Etamine
Acoustics: Peutz
Economist: GVI
Landscaping: Faubourg 2/3/4/
Roads & main networks: Infra Services
Vinci Construction France
Vinci Energies