Green Solution House



Short Description

The Green Solution House conference center and hotel in the Danish island of Bornholm is designed to be a platform for the highest level of sustainable development.

At Green Solution House we envision an environment where we all contribute and we all benefit. Our revenue is our knowledge, our clean water, the fresh air we breathe and our renewable materials. Our vision is to redefine what revenue represents.

The design of the building itself is based on several parameters to show a holistic approach to sustainability. The building is certified to the standards of the recognized German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), based on the criteria of the Active House vision and inspired by the Cradle to Cradle® framework.

The building and landscape present the latest developments in the field of sustainable architecture; we show that sustainability involves more than aspiring to green certification, and that it is possible to quantify our project’s high quality on the basis of several parameters.

At Green Solution House we try out, demonstrate and continuously revisit our green solutions. We believe that iteration creates understanding and leads to innovation. We seek to exchange knowledge with the local and global communities to inspire a sustainable future. Our mission is to explore circular sustainability.


To demonstrate green solutions:

We demonstrate green solutions and how an organisation, a building, and a group of people can have a positive footprint. We support a diverse, safe and healthy world; therefore, our model is regenerative – towards increased biodiversity, healthy materials, renewable energy, clean water, and a circular economy.

To promote continuous improvement:

We promote continuous improvement as an organisation designed for flexibility. Technologies, materials and methods undergo constant advancement; therefore, our buildings and systems are adaptable and will continuously test and demonstrate new solutions.

To enable knowledge sharing:

We enable knowledge sharing as an international platform of diverse people and organisations. Sustainable solutions are born where visions and ideas can cross-pollinate; together we foster new knowledge within the field of sustainability.

Intended Use

Hotel and Conference center


Project Architects: GXN Innovation/3XN Architects (client consultant) and Concept architect), Steenbergs Tegnestue (Project architect), Rambøll Engineering (engineer), SLA Landscape (landscape architect), Cowi (client advisor),

Project Developer: Green Solution House

Project Advisor: William McDonough and Partners, Vugge til Vugge Danmark

Project Engineers & Contractors: Green Solution House is the result of close collaboration between many partners that each have contributed with their expertise.
The Strategic Partners are: Realdania, VELUX Group, Autodesk, GXN Innovation and Saint-Gobain’s Danish companies: Weber, Isover, Ecophon and Gyproc.
In addition, many other firms and experts have taken part in realising Green Solution House.
Thank you all for hard work and inspiration.