Centre commercial Prado Vélodrome


Short Description

This new shopping center is located in the 8th quarter of Marseille, next to the Stade Velodrome, implementing the concepts of Cradle to Cradle. The aim is to provide both to workers and visitors a healthy and pleasant area, while enforcing sustainable innovations. Renewable energy is used, as materials are chosen to return to a biological or technical cycle without quality loss, and the biodiversity is supported and celebrated.

This project takes part in a more general project consisting in creating a new neighborhood around the Velodrome, an eco-neighborhood. The mall is composed of 50 shops allocated on 5 floors, for a commercial area of 23 000 m2. In addition, a parking lot will offer 800 spaces to customers, workers and to the neighborhood. It should be finished in late 2017.

The development has already received two certifications: BREEAM Excellent 2011 and BBC 2005 PEQA Certification.


The shopping center Prado-Velodrome has a positive footprint with added values in the following fields: 

Healthy Air & Climate

The aim is to offer visitors and traders a pleasant atmosphere and to improve air quality, by
– Opening the mall to the outside
– Using vegetation on roofs and walls to filter and cleanse the air

Biodiversity & Landscape Enhancement

A great effort is made to support biodiversity in this project:
– Green spaces, with a lot of different species, are set up, as well as green roofs and walls
– Beehive will be installed on the rooftop
– An herbarium will be installed
– A special place will be dedicated to aromatic plants on the roof

Renewable Positive Energy

The building will produce renewable energy by using the waste water heat: the waste water will go through an exchanger.

Economical Activity, Innovation and Local Dynamism

The project will offer local jobs to help jobless people out of professional exclusion:
– Human services will be offered to customers, to support them and facilitate their organisation during and after their shopping time.

Healthy Materials & Technical Materials Recycling

The project pays attention in the possibility for materials to return to a biological or technical cycle without quality loss:
– Some materials are appropriate for a technological cycle
– Cradle to Cradle certified products are used, like carpets
– These materials could inspire other subcontractors to use Cradle to Cradle materials

Mobility & Flexibility Enhancement

The project aims at encouraging to improve mobility and flexibility, by:
– Supporting staff’s involvement in collaborative ways of transportation like carsharing
– Creating modular and shared spaces with a parking lot usable both by visitors and inhabitants of the neighborhood

Quality of Life, Performance and Cultural Diversity

The quality of life and wellbeing is a very important dimension of the project:
– The daylight obtained in the building thanks to the canopy and the windows is very beneficial for workers and users: it has effect on the stimulation of immune system, the moral, and eyestrain. Daylight also will greatly increase productivity
– The opening to the outside ensures a pleasant atmosphere without suffering from confinement
– The thermal comfort is assured by the canopy which plays the role of sunscreen

Intended Use

Retail centre (commercial project


Project Architect(s):

Benoy Architectes et Didier Rogeon Architecte

Project Developer(s):


Project Engineer(s) & Contractor(s):


Project Advisor: EPEA Paris