C2C Inspired Projects

Below you can find an overview of all registered C2C inspired projects that have been peer-reviewed. If your project is missing, please check out the application process or fill out our application form!

Lyceum Schravenlant

Lyceum Schravenlant is a public secondary school for senior general secondary education and pre-university education and is part of the Schiedam Foundation for Public Secondary Education (Stichting Openbare Scholengroep Vlaardingen Schiedam: OSVS).

The new building accommodates approximately 600 pupils and, including two gym halls, has a gross surface area of about 6150 m2. Lyceum Schravenlant should serve, among other things, as a meeting place for pupils from a variety of backgrounds and be a ‘home base’ where they learn to work together in a pleasant and safe environment. With its new accommodation, the school has the ambition of operating optimally within the social context; realizing a healthy, future-orientated, multi-functional, and flexible or adaptable building with a modern and robust look.

The school should also be safe from a social point of view and easy to get to for a variety of target groups and by a variety of transport means. Schravenlant wishes to realize a small-scale warm environment within a uniformly adaptable structure, where the atmosphere and look will be determined in particular by the design.

Both the school and the municipality have very high ambitions with regard to sustainability, within which the Cradle to Cradle principle serves as an inspiration. All kinds of ways are being considered for making the school as sustainable as possible in its entirety. The concept of a long life span is the starting point for this, with the focus on the total building and period of use, in order to make sustainable solutions feasible.

Cradle to Cradle®

This school is a new pilot project based on the philosophy of Cradle to Cradle®. The ambition for this school to create in co-creation with the pupils a healthy, energy positive building makes it a real showcase for students and other parties to learn about the impact we have on the environment. The idea to use the Cradle to Cradle® concept as inspiration for the new school, came from the students themselves. Since they are the most important stakeholder, their initiative has been and will be fully supported by teachers, management and munici­pality. The involvement of students in their new school is absolutely crucial to realize a positive learning environment. The students’ creativity, behavior and consciousness on what is important in a learning environment are crucial input for the design and have been involved in the final results.

The building has been awarded with several nominations and awards like the award for sustainable architecture in the Netherlands 2014.

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The Backsippan Preschool

The Backsippan (Pasque flower) preschool embodies a holistic approach. Everything has been thought through – from healthy materials in the building and fittings to non-toxic toys, added biodiversity and organic food – all with a view to creating Sweden’s healthiest preschool. This holistic approach has led to many smart solutions, in both the building and its surroundings, inspired throughout by the cradle to cradle concept, which among other things means that the preschool is designed to give all its stakeholders as much purposeful value as possible. Focus has, among other things, been on known, documented and safe materials, healthy indoor environment designed for children’s use and biodiversity in plant species. The building is prepared for recycling of building materials through information stored in a database. It is designed to make the most of the available energy on site.  Rooftop solar cells contribute to the power supply, a geothermal heat pump uses the temperature from bedrock to adjust indoor temperature, and excess  heat from the kitchen is used to  heat water.


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FOX Vakanties

Fox Vakanties is part of the Park 20/20 business park, and participates financially as well as physically in features which go beyond the confines of the Fox building itself.

The main innovation noteworthy for this building is the integration of diverse Elements in the building and with the site. For example the thermal, water, roofing and façade systems form part of a site-wide approach to generating positive impacts as well as savings for the owners and occupants.

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