C2C Inspired Projects

Below you can find an overview of all registered C2C inspired projects that have been peer-reviewed. If your project is missing, please check out the application process or fill out our application form!

Maison du projet de la Lainière

La Maison du Projet is a multifunctional space, designed as a Cradle to Cradle demonstrator for La Lainire, a future business park located in Roubaix-Wattrelos (France). It was delivered at the beginning of 2016 and its surface is about 500m². Its function is to testify of the local textile tradition in a context of economic renewal. Exhibitions will be held to underline the historical value. Debates and meetings will be organized for citizens in order to give them the opportunity to contribute to the transformation of their neighborhood. Repair Cafes and workshops about resources preservation will be hosted in the building and the C2C philosophy will be shared in order to increase visitor’s awareness about circular economy.

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The Ampère e+ building is the new headquarters of Société Générale’s SOGEPROM, located in the heart of the business district of La Défense. The building, built in the 80s, has currently undergone a major and ambitious renovation after it was completely laid bare to maintain only the structure. It is from this basic structure that the architecture agency “Atelier 2/3/4” redefined not only the envelope of the building, but the concept in order to fit into a vision of current concerns. Ampère e+ is innovative, and fits perfectly into a dynamic of an urban context with ecological ambitions.

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Centre commercial Prado Vélodrome

This new shopping center is located in the 8th quarter of Marseille, next to the Stade Velodrome, implementing the concepts of Cradle to Cradle. The aim is to provide both to workers and visitors a healthy and pleasant area, while enforcing sustainable innovations. Renewable energy is used, as materials are chosen to return to a biological or technical cycle without quality loss, and the biodiversity is supported and celebrated.

This project takes part in a more general project consisting in creating a new neighborhood around the Velodrome, an eco-neighborhood. The mall is composed of 50 shops allocated on 5 floors, for a commercial area of 23 000 m2. In addition, a parking lot will offer 800 spaces to customers, workers and to the neighborhood. It should be finished in late 2017.

The development has already received two certifications: BREEAM Excellent 2011 and BBC 2005 PEQA Certification.

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Green Solution House

The Green Solution House conference center and hotel in the Danish island of Bornholm is designed to be a platform for the highest level of sustainable development.

At Green Solution House we envision an environment where we all contribute and we all benefit. Our revenue is our knowledge, our clean water, the fresh air we breathe and our renewable materials. Our vision is to redefine what revenue represents.

The design of the building itself is based on several parameters to show a holistic approach to sustainability. The building is certified to the standards of the recognized German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), based on the criteria of the Active House vision and inspired by the Cradle to Cradle® framework.

The building and landscape present the latest developments in the field of sustainable architecture; we show that sustainability involves more than aspiring to green certification, and that it is possible to quantify our project’s high quality on the basis of several parameters.

At Green Solution House we try out, demonstrate and continuously revisit our green solutions. We believe that iteration creates understanding and leads to innovation. We seek to exchange knowledge with the local and global communities to inspire a sustainable future. Our mission is to explore circular sustainability.

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